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Licence of the open source version

The open source KerGIS is not a public domain software and is protected by a BSD type licence, downloadable below. Please read it before installing the software!


Both the sources and the patches are gzip compressed and are provided with a GNUpg detached signature so that you can ensure that what you have actually retrieved matches what the release manager has put online.

At the moment, the release manager is Thierry LARONDE, and you can retrieve his public key from the keyserver


File Date of publication Size (in bytes) Description Signature
licence_open_KerGIS.txt 2006-10-24 12373 KerGIS Open Source version Licence.
kergis_pub_1.0K.0.2.tar.gz 2011-12-24 2256673 Open KerGIS sources. kergis_pub_1.0K.0.2.tar.gz.sig
risk_comp_1.0C.0.1.tar.gz 2007-03-22 132652 Tools for building and installing the project. risk_comp_1.0C.0.1.tar.gz.sig

Sample data

Please note that the binary versions of the vector data is in portable format. If portable was not selected at compilation time or portable was not possible with your machine architecture, you need to import the ascii version to create binaries readable by your installation.

File Date of publication Size (in bytes) Description Signature
spearfish_1.0F.tar.gz 2005-06-06 6552083 Demonstration data. spearfish_1.0F.tar.gz.sig


kerTeX packages

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